Outsourced CFO

a virtual cfo increasing financial gains

Virtual CFO
In most businesses there usually comes a time where financial advice, guidance, and strategic decisions need to be made. It usually comes when your business has reached some type of plateau in either sales or revenue growth. This could be a result of business processes and systems inefficiencies, or something unintentional as a non-cohesive business tax strategy. Perhaps it is time to bring in the Outsourced CFO…

What is a Virtual CFO
Simply put, the Virtual CFO provides professional guidance in helping you achieve your desired business success. We understand that as a growing organization, hiring a full-time individual at a cost upwards of $60,000 - $100,000 not including benefits and bonuses isn’t feasible. Perhaps bringing on a professional as a part-time CFO to make sense of your business operations would aid your expected growth.

a part-time CFO brings financial management to your business

Virtual CFO Responsibilities

Our group will handle all things associated with your finance operations, such as, communications with stakeholders, financial reporting, systems and process improvements, as well as, business strategy recommendations. Our process looks to analyze and evaluate current processes and procedures in an effort to increase your business efficiency, in addition to recommending changes to decrease your direct and indirect costs. Our end goal is to make sure that we deliver customized solutions that will help your organization break through to the next level success.

The Outsourced CFO provides financial leadership for our clients in the following ways:

  1. Financial Management - Deliver timely information through our proprietary reporting that will impact financial performance. Recommend strategies to produce increased profits & reduce operational inefficiency.
  2. Cash and Credit Management - Implement systems to increase cash flow . Produce documentation for bankers in your efforts to achieve preferred financing, re-finance of current debt and/or preparation of loan packages. Create project cashflow forecasts allowing you to make all to important business decisions to grow your business in a healthy and profitable way.
  3. Financial Systems-Processes and Implementations - Gain an understanding of your current financial process. Recommend software systems that will increase information flow through automation. Implement dashboards to provide instant business metrics.
  4. Reporting and Analysis - Prepare & deliver monthly reports to upper management in a manner that can be understood. Implement dashboards that will instantly monitor the health and profitability of the organization, as well as, individual projects. 

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